Kamis, 20 September 2012

Isa Panic Monsta Solo drawing Exhibition

Poster Exhibition

He is my friend, also my co workers, We call him Isa "ISA PANIC MONSTA" . he show the first Solo Drawing Exhibition on this month. His works are able to tell much about the theme of “2nd World of Pandemonium” . 

He calls virtual world as a second world. The first one is the real world we go through everyday, where we really live and socialize. This moment we attended together with all co workers, he tried to explaining about his artwork to us. We glad to Isa with this great step, he has been realisation solo exhibition after Roby Dwi Antono which also my friend who first exhibited in this place. Hopefully more diamonds come to you bro..

co works
co works

explain about artworks




source image made by Wayan Aquarius Yanuarta and www.facebook.com/TIRANAHOUSE

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