Jumat, 25 Februari 2011



Project for Reason To Die (YKHC)

The Corruptor

The Corruptor by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
I see in my country .. that corruptor such as standing among the clouds, above the wind, get a privilege ..
people who know about it as could not beat it to enter the black hole in the prison world is eternal ..

#for exhibition at dkv move 3

I Hate Someone Who Hack Me

I Hate Someone Who Hack Me by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
hmm you know.. fed up to you!! (Hacker)

bahwa ini adalah sebuah isi hati tentang kemarahan karena account facebook saya di hack untuk kedua kalinya dan lenyap..hahaha konyol* :D

Read My Diary for My Future

Read My Diary for My Future by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
Apply: Album Cover
Band: Remote Control

Story that read a diary is important point from song's in this album. Each song tells of life experience and it's like opening sheet of diary.

The Parade

The Parade by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
My doodle.hope you like it!

I'm playing guitar

I'm playing guitar by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
yes.. I'm not a guitarist but I can palyin guitar...hahaha

Santa Claus meet New friend

Santa Claus meet New friend by ~hafiedzblackheart on deviantART
hohohoho Now Santa Claus can to smile and relaxed, because he has meet new friend and can help to distribute gift's to around the world.

created December 2010

LIG Logo

logo LIG

comission by Life in Glory (Post Hardcore band)

Mellow to Melodic logo

Mellow to Melodic logo (tittle:head for glory)

(tittle:head for glory)

This is Logo for melodic event in solo, central java-Indonesia.
Theme of event like Punk Goes Pop in US.

head as symbol from underground scene and bright color as symbol of mellow songs or pop popular song from major label scene.

They wanna change a major label taste, to be 'cutting edge' taste

Hope You like it..!

Joy My Childhood

joy my childhood
love traditional toys, fully happy like the flowers as symbol and bright color (background) as summer symbol, because I played it when summer comes

Story of Bread Girl

Story of Bread Girl
She's a daughter of the seller of bread, always in fun of life (flowery).
I imagine a piece of their home boulders which I interpret as a small family with simplicity.

king of war

king of war
This is a my first of daily artwork in this year. Hope you like it.. :)